In 2016, women from the trades approached the BC government to raise awareness about the low number of women in the industry, as well as theirexperience in their workplaces and training institutions. The government responded by launching a multi -phased Sector Labour MarketPar tnership (SLMP) project funded by the Canada-BC Labour Market Development Agreement . The first phases included research and an environmental scan. The final reports confirmed tradeswomen’s experience and illuminated the need for targeted supports to increase the number of women and other under represented groups to mitigate the imminent shortage of skilled labour in BC.

On March 8, 2018, International Women’s Day, the government announced that funding would be provided to two projects for women in the trades focused on addressing the barriers identified in the research to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the trades—one of these led to the creation of BC Centre for Women in the Trades, officially launched on June 30, 2018.