Tradeswomen Network

Creating a network of supportive women is essential to increase the retention and advancement of women in trades.



Are you a tradeswoman who wants to get connected to our growing community, and stay up to date on opportunities for training, volunteering, and jobs? Join the BC Centre for Women in the Trades’ network by filling out the form HERE.

In order to develop the tools and resources to support you in building your rewarding trades career, we need to know a few things about you first, such as where you live, what kind of work you do, and what you want to do as a tradeswoman. Joining our network is how you can be counted as a tradeswoman in our province!

Your information is confidential and will not be shared with other organizations without your consent. Our staff have taken privacy training and we are committed to maintaining the security of your personal data.

WIT Facebook Groups


Our province is large, and often there are huge physical distances between tradeswomen. Because of this, online communities are crucial for providing women in trades with the mentorship, support, and access to resources and information that they need to build successful and rewarding careers.

The BC Tradeswomen Society established a private provincial tradeswomen group on Facebook in 2015, and it currently has over 1400 members. It also serves as the BC Centre for Women in the Trades group for tradeswomen in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley.

Building on that success, the BC Centre for Women in the Trades created private tradeswomen groups for each economic region of British Columbia, for helping women connect with the community and resources that are local to them. By bringing together women in trades who are living and working in the same areas, we can help build a resilient and supportive network of tradeswomen across the province.

Click below to join the national, provincial and regional groups:

North Coast/Nechako BC Women in the Trades

Kootenays Women in the Trades

Cariboo Women in the Trades

North East BC Women in the Trades

Thompson/Okanagan Women in the Trades

Prince George and Area Women in Trades & Industry

Vancouver Island Women in the Trades

Sunshine Coast Women In Trades

Province-wide Women in Trades

Women in Trades Canada Group

BC Queers in the Trades

Volunteer Opportunities

The BC Centre for Women in the Trades frequently has opportunities for tradeswomen to volunteer in their communities! Examples of the types of events we have participated in in the past include:

  • Staffing a promotional table at a community event or conference
  • Hands-on teaching and building with youth such as Girl Guides
  • Speaking to students and/or parents at a career fair or in classrooms

If any of these sounds appealing to you, please contact to get involved.

Education and Skill Building

The BC Centre for Women in the Trades has coordinated training for tradeswomen in different regions of the province. The benefits of learning in a group made up exclusively of other women in the trades include

  • having a common set of barriers to learning that need to be addressed
  • the sense of instant comradery among women who are used to being in the minority in a professional setting
  • less harmful gender stereotyping affecting learning outcomes

 Some examples of the training that has been provided in the past are:

  • Leadership workshop
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Facilitator training
  • Women’s Occupational Health and Safety
  • Prevention of Bullying, Harassment and Violence
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Naloxone training

If you are interested in learning about these topics, or have another idea for training that would benefit tradeswomen in your area, please contact




Tradeswomen Meetups

Why have tradeswomen meetups?

  • Tradeswomen are often socially isolated at work, and getting together with other tradeswomen can reduce those feelings
  • Tradeswomen often think the challenges they face are unique, and at a meet up they can learn that others have been there too
  • Meetups are a way of providing the informal mentorship that is vital to success in any industry:
    • Leads on jobs
    • Where to find tools and resources
    • How to solve specific problems
    • Opportunities for learning and volunteering

There are currently thriving monthly tradeswomen meet ups taking place in Victoria, Vancouver, and Prince George, as well as frequent meet ups on a more irregular basis in other cities around British Columbia. Please see our events listing for details. If you would like support and resources for establishing your own local tradeswomen meet up, please contact BC Centre for Women in the Trades at


The Shift for organizations

We support equitable recruitment, training and advancement practices to support the success of underrepresented people in trades careers.

Career Development

We provide supports, training and employment matching in the skilled trades industry for eligible women.

The shift for MEN

Working with our male allies in the industry and community to create a welcoming, healthy and safe culture in the skilled trades.