BC Hydro is hiring apprentices!

Truck and Transport mechanics (vehicle tradespersons) at BC Hydro maintain, inspect, diagnose, repair, modify and outfit BC Hydro vehicles. The BC Hydro fleet consists of 3,000 vehicles including passenger vehicles (e.g. cars, SUVs, passenger vans), light vehicles (e.g. pick-up trucks, commercial vans, flat deck trucks), heavy vehicles e.g. man lifts, digger derricks, crane trucks), mobile machines (e.g. fork lifts, self-propelled man lifts) and trailers (e.g. pole trailers, reel trailers, utility trailers). Fleet Services delivers the service via a main maintenance garage, satellite workshops and mobile work shops.

Apprentice electricians at BC Hydro learn to install, operate, diagnose and repair electrical equipment within generating stations and substations throughout the electrical system. They will also learn how to follow safe working procedures and how to properly use tools, diagnostic equipment and machinery that are required for your trade. You will acquire a strong basic understanding before taking on more complex, technical and challenging assignments. Electricians are to work safely in many different situations and environments. This includes working in generation stations and high voltage substations. You will often work at heights, confined spaces and inclement weather.

Click here to see the postings for the 8 apprentice electricians, and 2 truck and transport mechanic apprentices