United Way’s Period Promise campaign will be running from May 16 to June 13, 2023, across BC. With World Menstrual Hygiene Day taking place on May 28.  

The Period Promise campaign recognizes that lack of access to menstrual products is a widespread issue. At BCCWITT, we know it greatly impacts our community’s ability to work, go to school and training, access services and be active in their community.  

Access to space and menstrual products are equity, health and safety issues for everyone — not only those who menstruate. We recognize that clean, private and safe washrooms are still issues on many worksites. Free and accessible menstrual products in training spaces, worksites and in the community can ensure that our classmates, colleagues and our community members can continue to show up!  

We can all take steps action to address these barriers and ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive skilled trades industry. 

We encourage our network to get involved in the campaign. You can donate menstrual products or money to the campaign. You can volunteer to help get period products to those who need them. Use the United Way’s Period Promise Policy Shift to ask employers, unions and government to take action and commit to addressing barriers for those who menstruate.  


Facts from the United Way Period Poverty Research Project 

  • Approximately 51% of their respondents indicated that they had struggled to purchase product for themselves.
  •  26% of respondents indicated they had gone through a period without having menstrual products available to them. 
  •  Not having access to menstrual products is an isolating factor: 18% of respondents indicated that they missed school, 22% work, 29% community events, and 27% social events when they didn’t have access. 
  • Nearly 75% of respondents indicated that having access to products at community organizations allows them to be more engaged in their community.